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The World's First Wireless Manual Swipe Smallest Magnetic Card Reader Writer(Encoder) MSRX6(BT).

The MSRX6(BT) comes with Free Windows and Mac software application that makes the reading and writing process quick, easy, and verifiable. Its one of the high reliable 3 tracks Hico magnetic card reader/writer available in the market today for small and medium size businesses which require magnetic stripe card customizations. It is ideal for access control, time keeping, banking, ID recognition and elated applications. In fact, wherever a magnetic stripe ID or transaction card is used, one can find a related use for the versatile, user-friendly MSRX6(BT) wireless magnetic card reader/writer.


  • Meets all ISO/IEC 7811 standards for card data encoding
  • Reads and writes magnetic stripe media including cards, tickets, badges and passbooks
  • Does not need external power adapter and does not need usb driver, plug and play (for USB model)
  • Manual Swipe to read and/or write card with Bluetooth or USB output
  • Writing and verifying data on single, dual, or triple track in one swipe
  • Programmable leading bit, raw data, DMV/AAMVA, and user defined format
  • Hi or Low coercivity is easily configured by clicking a single software button
  • Writes any track combinations of 210 and/or 75 bpi data density
  • Can write characters at variable bit lengths
  • Operating life exceeds 1,000,000 card swipes
  • ABS housing for stability & operating life
  • MSR software is easy; it guides the user through set-up of standard and custom writing, & reading processes
  • LED provides operational status
  • Works with Windows 95/98/Me/2000/NT/XP/VISTA/Win7/Win8/Mac OS/Linux/Unix/Android/iOS
  • CE, FCC, ROHS certified


Read card - Track1 Track2 Track3
Bit per density - 75/210 bpi 75/210 bpi, 75/210 bpi Coercive force, Read/write 300-4000 oe
Mag Card thickness - 0.76-1.2mm
Read speed - STD card Jitter +/-15% Amp. 60% 5-55ips 5-50ips 5-50ips
Write speed - 5-30 ips
Write jitter Interval - < +/- 10%, Sub-interval < +/- 12%
Error rate Read < 0.5% Write < 0.8%
Head life - Min. 1000K swipes for both read/write head


  • Retail: Gift Card, Customer ID, Store ID
  • Government: Driver Licence, Health Card, Government I
  • Any movable data collection Trade shows, Racing events
  • Employee's Time / Attendance data collection
  • Exhibition visitors' data collection
  • Conference attendants data collection
  • Card Verification: Age verification
  • Law Enforcement: DMV card
  • Attendance: Student ID, Membership Card, Club

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Prices are subject to change without previous notice.

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